100 people is too small for AI in 2023

PLUS: Claude Pro and LLMs that reason.

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Time magazine announces their list of 100 influential people in AI. This list includes the leaders from top AI firms, policy shapers, artists and researchers. Many people (including me) are upset about Karpathy not being there but that’s the nature of any top 100 list.


Anthropic joins the paid chatbot field with Claude Pro. Similar to ChatGPT, Claude Pro will cost $20/month (or £18). It comes with priority access to Claude 2 during high-traffic periods and early access to new features. The biggest upgrade is that you can use the service 5x more compared to the free tier which means there are still some limits around it. From the FAQs, it roughly comes out as 500k tokens every 8 hours.


Imbue raises $200M to build AI systems that can reason. Imbue, (previously called Generally Intelligent) is now valued over $1B. They were previously focused on building AI agents and they say that reasoning is the primary bottleneck for effective AI agents. So they’re going to develop models that can not just code, but can reason logically.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Retool AI - A suite of features to build bespoke AI-powered tools for your business.

  • Boolvideo - Turn your creatives into cinematic videos with AI.

  • Dokkio AI - Your AI-powered assistant to organize & manage digital mess.

  • M1-project - Understand your target audience without weeks of research.

  • Cosmos - Use AI to organize your videos.

  • Fantasaur - Personalized bedtime stories created by AI.

  • Coderabbit - Accelerate code reviews with AI. Deep dive blog.

  • USearch Images - Semantic search server in 200 lines of Python.

  • Replit Ghostwriter Chat now defaults to the most advanced model on the market (currently GPT-4).

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  • AI Gives You Superpowers 🦸🏻‍♂️ Transform must-reads into must-listens with PodStash.ai 🎧

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