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Adobe will add OpenAI's Sora to Premiere Pro

Adobe's jumping on the generative AI train, and they're bringing some sweet new toys to Premiere Pro. We’re getting a look at tools to add/remove objects, extend clips, and even create custom B-roll footage from scratch.

What is going on here?

Adobe to add generative AI video features to Premiere Pro starting in May.

What does this mean?

Adobe's betting big that integrating generative AI with video editing workflows is where value lies, at least in the near future.

Here’s what we are getting:

  • Generative Extend: need a few extra seconds of a shot—no problem, AI generates those frames.

  • Object Addition/Removal: Distracting object in the background? Boom, gone. Need a hat on the set? Blink and it’s there.

  • Generative B-Roll: Looking for a B-roll that perfectly fits your vibe? Describe it, AI makes it happen.

While their own “Firefly video AI” model is in the works, Adobe's open to integrating others too in this first batch of gen AI features for Premier Pro. You can select models from OpenAI, Pika, and Runway for these features.

Why should I care?

Think about the time you waste on tedious tasks, hunting for the right stock footage, or manually removing things in post. These tools erase those pain points. Plus, imagine the possibilities for experimentation and unique concepts that were just too time-consuming before. We're talking about unlocking a whole new level of storytelling.

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