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Adobe's Firefly 3 comes to Photoshop beta.

Adobe's revamped AI model, Firefly Image 3, powers some crazy new Photoshop features alongside their stand-alone web app. These upgrades focus on effortless customization, faster generation and quality boost.

What’s going on here?

Adobe’s Firefly Image 3 is in beta now. It’s available at firefly.adobe.com and powers a few new features in Photoshop’s desktop app (again, beta version).

What does this mean?

You can now use images as a reference for the generations. Adobe calls these "Structure Reference" and "Style Reference" features—they kinda do what it says on the tin! Just show it the reference picture, describe the change in style or structure and it’ll get the job done. Forget wrestling with paragraphs of prompts.

Example: Want a photorealistic cat in a Van Gogh-inspired landscape? Upload your cat pic, mention Van Gogh and boom—done.

Also, you can:

  • Use one of the three initial variations that Firefly generates to create more variations similar to the one you picked.

  • Create backgrounds for a subject. Game-changer for product photography.

The base Firefly 3 nails subtle details like lighting, expressions on faces, and even rendering text in images. This stuff was hard to get right before—big quality boost here. If their claim of "faster ideation and experimentation" is true, this means less time fiddling and more time creating.

Why should I care?

Because time is money, right? These tools streamline the creative grunt work. That frees you up to focus on the bigger picture. Plus, Adobe's betting on these AI features being safe for commercial use (unlike other tools). That's a BIG deal if you're selling your creations.

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