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PLUS: X's AI policy and Mustafa Suleyman on AI regulation

Hello folks, today, I’m interviewing the founder of Glean, an AI-powered workplace search, that has raised over $100M at a $1Bn valuation, backed by Sequoia, BoxGroup General Catalyst, Lightspeed, Kleiner Perkins and more. It was founded in 2019. Post your question suggestions here.

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Researchers from Google compared reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to reinforcement learning from AI feedback (RLAIF). Human evaluators preferred the RLHF and RLAIF outputs over the base model ones around 70% of the time. But the interesting part is that both techniques led to equal improvements. That means RLAIF can achieve human-level performance and address the scalability issues of RLHF.


X’s privacy policy confirms it will use public data to train AI models. Some privacy policy changes on X (rip Twitter) say that now they will use the user data to train machine learning models. Elon has said he’ll use public tweets for X AI, so no surprise there. However, he can back out of it by saying we meant improving our algorithm, not training LLMs (like Zoom did).


Mustafa Suleyman on getting Washington and Silicon Valley to tame AI. Mustafa mentions that a few of the voluntary commitments top AI firms made with the White House last month should be legally mandatory. He also makes his case against open-sourcing AI models.

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