Amazon Bedrock is available now.

AWS has announced new AI products, expanding its AI catalogue to help companies adopt generative AI. Amazon Bedrock, its fully managed service for building on top of foundation models is now generally available. Multiple AWS products are getting additional AI-enabled features.

What's going on here?

AWS launched Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed AI service giving access to top foundation models, plus other tools to build customized AI apps.

What does this mean?

Amazon Bedrock lets companies easily experiment with leading AI models like Anthropic's Claude and Meta’s Llama 2 through a single API. It simplifies development so companies can focus on creating differentiated AI solutions. Bedrock also helps companies customize models with their own data privately and securely. Amazon Titan Embeddings model is a new addition to their suite of home grown models. Amazon CodeWhisperer is getting an enterprise tier with code auto-complete using companies' private code. Amazon Quicksight is evolving into a generative BI platform with natural language data queries.

Why should I care?

Bedrock’s goal is to save Amazon’s position as the top cloud provider. With it Amazon’s trying to cement AWS as a one-stop AI shop. With their own coding and embedding models, they might have an edge over Microsoft which is offering OpenAI models on Azure and paying a hefty fee.

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