Amazon Q is out to challenge Copilot.

Amazon’s AI agent called Amazon Q is now generally available. It's designed for coders and business folks, letting them use natural language (like plain English) to interact with code and company data.

What’s going on here?

Amazon Q wants to be the work assistant for AWS customers (and more).

What does that mean?

Q is coming in three packages for now.

  • Amazon Q Developer writes code, debugs it, and even helps you wrap your head around unfamiliar projects.

  • Amazon Q Business answer questions, provide summaries, and create visuals based on business data. In QuickSight, it acts as an AI-powered business analyst.

  • Amazon Q Apps is the "build your own" flavour of Q. No coding skills needed! You describe what you want in plain English, and Q Apps creates a basic tool to automate a task.

Why should I care?

This is how work should be. We spend way too much time on repetitive tasks – searching for info, writing basic code, crunching numbers. Amazon Q could free up a ton of time, letting you focus on the creative, strategic stuff.

Amazon is also taking the route Google and Microsoft have taken with coherent branding (Gemini and Copilot). Everything is (or will be) Q for Amazon.

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