Apple plans AI unveils for WWDC 24

Apple's gearing up for WWDC, starting June 10th. This year, the focus is squarely on their upcoming AI strategy—it's been in the works, and we're finally going to get the details.

What’s going on here?

Apple's about to spill the beans on how they plan to use AI to make your iPhone (and other devices) way smarter.

What does this mean?

Apple marketing executive Greg Joswiak hinted at the AI focus with the tweet: "It's going to be Absolutely Incredible!"

They're not going solo on the whole generative AI thing (think ChatGPT). Partnership with Google is likely, meaning Apple products (especially Siri) could tap into Gemini. OpenAI tie-up can be there as a wild card.

Apple’s not just about chatbots though. We're talking about the iPhone getting more proactive. Bloomberg reports that Apple is revamping iOS 18 with AI in mind and this could be a big change. Imagine your phone reminding you of important stuff without you even asking.

Why should I care?

This has the potential to streamline the way you use your Apple stuff. Less time tapping and swiping, more time getting things done. Plus, with major software updates and the new AI focus, it could bring a whole new level of convenience to the Apple ecosystem.

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