Apple removes AI apps from China

PLUS: Youtube's Video Summary Tool and Meta's AI personas

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There’s a whole host of AI YouTube video summarisers out there, but most of them don’t quiiiite cut it for longer vids. Well now YouTube themselves are testing their own video summary generation, and hopefully this will be the one that hits bullseye. Summaries have begun appearing for some English users already, and they’re seeing how it goes as a service.


Meta might be following in Snapchat’s footsteps with AI chatbots on their app (eek!). They’re supposedly gonna be releasing a host of AI chatbots with different personalities - from Abraham Lincoln to a surfer dude. And it could be as early as next month. Honestly, I can’t really see why anyone would go onto their social media apps and use these AI personas, but that’s just me - maybe it’s one for the younger crowd!


It looks like Apple is prepping for the big AI regulations coming into play in China on 15th August. They’ve reportedly been removing apps utilising generative AI from their China App Store, citing the need for companies to get a government-approved administrative licence.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Titan ML Takeoff - Inference server to make deploying generative large language models easy and fast.

  • Sola - Simulate any repetitive, manual workflow with a bot.

  • Shadeform - Deploy your GPU-intensive workload in any cloud, at the best price, every time.

  • Hireguide - AI-enhanced structured interviews and notes.

  • Tiptap AI - AI features for developers building content editor apps.

  • Freepik Image Generator – Generate images directly in Figma.

  • Superflows - Open Source toolkit for building an AI product assistant.

  • SocratiQ - Github for education. Learn anything at your own pace.

  • Sync Labs - An API that lets you lip-sync a video to any audio in any language in HD. They have free access to the API till tomorrow.

  • Check these AI projects from HF0 residency - from clean energy, dating to rooftop drones.

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  • AI that works for you. Delegate your tasks to autonomous AI agents who will surf the web and use plugins to get your work done.

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