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Hello folks, yesterday we posted our first exclusive interview with an AI startup, Metal - their founding story, how they built the product, challenges building with AI and looking to the future. Who else should we interview?

Here’s what we have today;

 Our picks 


OpenAI is currently on pace to generate more than $1 billion in revenue (paywalled). Compared to its average monthly revenue last year, OpenAI is making 35 times more today ($80M/month). OpenAI generated just $28 million in revenue last year before it started charging for ChatGPT. It lost around $540 million last year as it developed GPT-4 and ChatGPT.


  • Performance upgrades for existing models and adding external models like Llama 2 and Falcon within Google’s Vertex AI.

  • Watermarking in images generated by Imagen with Deepmind’s SynthID.

  • Duet AI is available across Google Workspace and other cloud products like cybersecurity tools.

  • AlloyDB AI for building generative AI applications with PostgreSQL.

  • Cloud A3 Supercomputer, based on NVIDIA H100 designed for generative AI, to be available next month. Also, Google announced fifth generation of their TPUs.


Ideogram - The AI images startup by ex-Google researchers has made an Instagram-like product publicly available. You can set your usernames, generate images and display them on your profile.

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 From the community 
  • Hackhers - The top womxn hackathon in Silicon Valley.

  • State of AI Report Compute Index - Tracking the size of public, private, and national HPC clusters.

  • Runway Creative Partners Program - This program provides a select group of artists and creators with exclusive access to new Runway tools and models, Unlimited plans, 1 million credits, early access to new features and more.

 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Claude-2 is now on Perplexity Pro.

  • Autoblocks - Helping teams improve & differentiate their LLM products.

  • Centari - Accelerate data-driven deals and transactions with secure legal AI. Backed by Jack Altman, South Park Commons, and others. (news release)

  • Mori - Collaborative genealogy software for family trees.

  • Junior - AI copilot for consultants to structure expert call insights.

  • Spext Youtube summariser - All YouTube videos with chapters, key takeaways & a summary.

  • Spacebar - Playful take on voice-to-text, designed to capture daily convos and ideas. Conversations are private by default.

  • Lida by Microsoft - Automatic generation of visualizations and infographics with LLMs.

  • Loom AI - Suite of powerful new AI features in Loom, transcripts, captions in 50+ new languages, and more.

  • Gradient - Developer API for building private LLMs that you own.

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