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How AI is creating a viable on-ramp for AR-enabled work

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AI might unlock the long-foretold promise of meaningful Augmented Reality (AR) for a broad spectrum of workers.

All of the big players in AI—Microsoft, Google, OpenAI—are showing signs of this eventuality, with new releases around voice, video, and AI agents providing a glimpse into what our future interactions with computers might look like.

Dan Shipper from Every noted from his conversation with Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott at the company’s Build conference last week that “agents are the future of software.” From Dan:

Scott noted that he thinks “agent” interactions—like the ones that Copilot enables—are the future of software. “One of the things that will probably happen is that you’re going to be using agents more than you’ll be using [apps or websites],” he said. 

Pair this take from Scott with OpenAI and Google’s newest releases of voice, video, and agent assistants from their GPT-4o announcement and I/O developer conference last week, respectively, and it’s clear that the leaders in AI are all focusing on developing new paradigms of human-computer interfaces, with AI at the core of these more nascent modalities of interaction.

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