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๐ŸคŒ Ben's Picks

  • Ethan Mollick, a professor at Wharton, tested ChatGPT to see how much of his job could be done by the AI tool; teaching, research, outreach and public engagement. (link)

  • Whisper v2 was (secretly?) launched via a GitHub commit that folks were quick to spot! (link)

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Cool Tools

  • CookupAI - No-code AI app builder. (link)

  • ShowGPT - A collection of ChatGPT prompts. (link)

  • - Create personalised postcards using AI. (link)

  • Pitch Mini Yohei - a bot that collects basic data from founders. (link)

  • A browser extension that augments your ChatGPT prompts with web results. (link)

  • ChatGPT for Mac, living in your menubar. (link)

  • A curated list of awesome tools, demos, docs for ChatGPT and GPT-3. (link)

  • ChatGPT directly within Google Docs as an Editor Add-on. (link)

  • KrishnAI - a natural language interface built on top of GPT and an in-house context engine based on Puranas. (link)

  • Perplexity - GPT web search. (link)

  • Neeva - revolutionising search with an ad-free, privacy-first model. (link)

๐Ÿ‘‹ Too many links?! I created a database for all links mentioned in these emails. Refer 1 friend using this link and I'll send over the link database.

๐ŸŽ“ Learn

  • Learn Prompting - A documentation site teaching how to use prompts. (link)

๐Ÿ”ฌ Research

  • Music2Vec - a self-supervised learning framework for learning useful representations of raw music waveforms. (link)

  • NeuralUDF - for reconstructing surfaces with arbitrary topologies from 2D images via volume rendering. (link)

  • Spatial diffusion model (SDM) for image inpainting uses a few iterations to deliver informative pixels to the entire image. (link)

  • Adaptive Diffusion for Image Reconstruction (ADIR) exploits the prior learned by diffusion models while retaining agreement with the observations. (link)

  • Universal Document Processing (UDOP), a foundation Document AI model that unifies text, image, and layout modalities with varied task formats. (link)

  • M-VADER - a diffusion model for image generation that can be specified using arbitrary combinations of images and text. (link)

  • How machine learning models can learn shortcuts to make correct predictions, and how input salience methods can be used to verify that models are not relying on such shortcuts. (link)

  • RANA - photorealistic synthesis of humans under arbitrary viewpoints, body poses, and lighting. (link)

  • A self-supervised approach for correspondence estimation that learns from multiview consistency in short RGB-D video sequences, which allows for correspondences to be obtained over longer time frames, increasing both the diversity and difficulty of sampled pairs. (link)

  • A new approach to video understanding using a self-supervised learning method called InternVideo. (link)

  • Reference-Based Non-Photorealistic Radiance Fields (Ref-NPR) is a controllable scene stylisation method that uses radiance fields and a stylised 2D view taken as reference to generate non-photorealistic and continuous novel view sequences with reasonable stylisation in occluded regions. (link)

  • MoFusion - a framework for unified motion synthesis, which uses a Transformer backbone to ease the inclusion of diverse control signals and pretrains the backbone as a diffusion model. (link)

๐Ÿค“ Everything else

  • David Spinks wrote about AI in the context of community building. (link)

  • I was on Marketing Against the Grain podcast talking about AI. (link)

  • SellScale has raised $3.4m to give AI superpowers to sales teams. (link)

  • ChatGPT is now on Hugging Face. (link)

  • ChatGPT writing a product roadmap for Instagram Stories. (link)

  • How AI agents can better communicate and cooperate in Diplomacy. (link)

  • An article in the New York Times โ€œThe Brilliance and Weirdness of ChatGPTโ€. (link)

  • Using ChatGPT to simulate a React app. You type in a description of an "app" and it's rendered straight into the browser. (link)

  • โ€œI Taught ChatGPT to Invent a Languageโ€. (link)

๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿ’ป Who's hiring in AI

VEED.IO - Simple Online Video Editing. VEED is hiring AI / ML engineers to level up its creative toolkit and make it more magical.

Buildspace - where builders, build! They're looking for an ML/AI instructor to build their new course.


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