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📝 A new writing tool with a twist, GitHub Copilot code 'borrowing', AI vs Google search, Text-to-3D, Education links and resources

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📝 A new writing tool with a twist 🧑‍💻 GitHub Copilot code 'borrowing' 🥊 AI vs Google search 🧊 Text-to-3D🧑‍🏫 Education links and resources


Google docs with AI baked in. That’s the promise of a new product ‘Lex’ from Nathan Baschez. The waitlist is now over 20k users (I’m around 2k). You can view the demo here and sign up for the list here.

Why is this product interesting? Well, it follows the path that Github Copilot has taken. It helps you when you’re in the workflow. It’s not something to generate the perfect output off the bat. You write, and it suggests content based on that. This interface for AI is going to be the big winner. Otherwise, we end up with a chatbot problem. Enter a question, get an undesirable output, give up, cry, and move on.

Nathan writes for a living. Creatives who embrace AI are going to be much more productive than those of us trying to BE a writer by using an AI tool.

Luckily I know Nathan (fun fact: he wrote the original code for Product Hunt) and am interviewing him about Lex. Hopefully, he’ll give us all an early invite to use the product. If you’re interested in that, tweet this.

Lex in action

Lex in action

  • OpenAI’s Playground is pretty straightforward but this is even easier. Tom made a super simple interface for interacting with GPT-3.

  • This video render was captured on a phone (literally walking around the subject), with no drone involved. It’s so smooth!

  • 40 Million previously uncharacterised proteins have now been annotated using a natural language processing model by EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and Google Research.

  • Are you as bad at writing resumes as me? Upload your resume and get feedback in 30 seconds from an AI created by the experts. It helps optimize your LinkedIn profile to land 5x more interviews.

  • Ultra-large AI models are over. No, they’re not breaking up…But here’s an analysis on why AI companies may have reasons not to pursue them.

  • Google has released a novel language pre-training paradigm that improves the performance of language models by using a mixture of training objectives. Called UL2

  • Hate sending emails? Me too*. You can generate email responses in seconds with Elephas.*except these emails. I love sending these :)

  • A clear example of the experience searching on Google vs asking GPT-3.

  • Creatives can get so much more out of AI than regular people. IF they embrace it. This music producer did and he produced this track and video in 12 hours using Stable Diffusion (and his years of experience).

  • Last week DeepMind announced it discovered a more efficient way to perform matrix multiplication, conquering a 50-year-old record. This week, two Austrian researchers at Johannes Kepler University Linz claim they have bested that new record by one step.

  • GitHub’s Copilot AI can write up to 40% of the code for programmers and is heading up to 80% within five years. But, what code is it trained on to give its suggestions? This user found his copyrighted code was used as a suggestion with no attribution. We’ll be on the lookout for how this progresses.

  • An article based on the research from the State of AI report (which I covered last week) “Pace of Artificial Intelligence investments slows, but AI is still hotter than ever".

  • 9 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Change the Landscape of the Sports Industry.


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