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🧰 Build a website in 30 seconds, Elad Gil on Startups vs Incumbents in AI, OpenAI raising funding from Microsoft, What's going on at Stability AI

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 🧰 Build a website in 30 seconds 🥊 Elad Gil on Startups vs Incumbents in AI 💰 OpenAI raising funding from Microsoft 🤔 What's going on at Stability AI


  • Build a website in 30 seconds using artificial intelligence. It really was 30 seconds! But scarily it pulled my location without me giving any permission 🤔

  • Shares sold in OpenAI last year valued the company at nearly $20Bn. A person with direct knowledge of OpenAI’s finances implied the company was on track to generate revenue in the low tens of millions of dollars this year. Microsoft already invested $1Bn in 2019. Deeper ties with OpenAI would dovetail with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s goal of drawing more revenue from AI tools in the coming years. Read on The Information or WSJ.

  • AI: Startup Vs Incumbent Value. My AI summary: The current unsupervised learning wave of AI will contain strong startup success, in addition to incumbent value. There are four reasons for this: better technology across many areas, new tech providing valuable infrastructure to the industry, clear app use cases without strong incumbents, and focusing on end-users and markets.

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  • A demo video of AI-powered writing with Glasp. The system can reflect your taste/identity in the writing! The fine-tuned model is based on curated information, and it can compensate for one of the weaknesses of the current AI models: the old data issue.

  • This animation shows off animated face masks, generates jewellery and creates organic rock formations. Created with DALL-E and Runway.

  • StabilityAI’s 1.5 version was ‘leaked’ and requested a takedown of the published model (then later retracted it). Daniel Jeffries wrote a bit about it, what happened and the reason for it. TLDR is “that if we don't go a little slower + deal with sound feedback from society, our own ML researchers + regulators then there is a chance open source AI simply won't exist.”

  • An interesting but controversial post from a Redditor “If you believe you can think exponentially, you might be wrong. Transformative AI is here, and it is going to radically change the world before the Singularity, and before AGI.

  • Generative AI in VR - spoken user commands, 3D objects are created, loaded and manipulated via GPT-3.


Liz Truss, UK's EX Prime Minister had the shortest ever. There was a site seeing who would last longer, Liz or Lettuce. The lettuce won! Also, weirdly my wife's middle name is 'Lettice' 😂


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