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Can Mark Zuckerberg's Meta AI beat ChatGPT?

There’s a new chatbot in the world folks, and this might beat everyone in terms of distribution. I’m talking about Mark Zuckerberg’s answer to ChatGPT - Meta AI. An intelligent AI assistant that’s now on all of Meta’s apps—Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and even on the web as “meta.ai”.

What’s going on here?

Zuck claims that Meta AI is the most intelligent free chatbot available publically.

What does that mean?

Meta AI has been there for a while now, but it was hidden under the wraps for most folks. Zuckerberg is now front-running this AI chatbot betting on the upgrade from new Llama 3 models (Read more about them here).

ChatGPT is great but it’s limited by the web app. Zuck’s answer is: put Meta AI everywhere.

  • In the search bar of Instagram and Facebook. Search and Meta AI replies.

  • In chats on Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Chat with Meta AI alone or bing it into your messages with your friends or group chats.

  • A special website: meta.ai. Compete for serious AI use with ChatGPT and Gemini.

Meta AI is also filled with features that are suitable for social interactions. One of those is images. It generates images almost in real-time, as you’re typing from all these Meta apps and sharing them without leaving your chats. It can also animate still images, no more searching for GIFs I guess.

Why should I care?

We can agree that Mark Zuckerberg imagines how social interactions will evolve years ahead. He’s going all-in on Meta AI with his vision of social apps at the centre of it.

Meta AI can be your “online friend”, a customer support rep for small creators and businesses on Meta apps, and an everpresent buddy in group chats.

Meta AI is rolling out in more countries slowly and I just can’t imagine the impact at Meta’s scale i.e. billions of users. Share anything you find interesting with Meta AI with me on Twitter/X @bentossell.

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