The ChatGPT aftermath

🥵 What a year last week was! AND welcome to the 4,579 new folks joining from last week. No, that's not a typo, this newsletter flew from ~6k subs to 10,584 at the time of writing. It really means a lot. I'm loving this, I hope you are too!

With the release of ChatGPT, there has been a wave tsunami of tools built, unofficial APIs, chrome extensions and more. You'll see below there are a lot of very similar tools being built. This is just the new normal. Weighing up one tool vs another is really splitting hairs.

Big email today, don't get too overwhelmed. Skim, click, close, and come back. You do you. Let's get to it.

🤌 Ben's Picks

  • I’ve said (on Twitter somewhere) that the future of internal tooling will be individuals building their own mini-apps, using AI, that is deployed on their own machines. Linus spoke with Every about how he’s already living and working with his own AI tools. (link)

  • Building a virtual machine inside ChatGPT. (link)

  • Alberto wrote “ChatGPT Is the World’s Best Chatbot”. My crude summary: It is possible that AI models could become so good that it would be difficult to distinguish them from human-made work, ChatGPT could replace Google as the hegemon of internet search. But, Google has more research capability, talent, and budget than OpenAI and search engines are more reliable than LLMs, as they are not able to make up information. (link)

  • Semil Shah, an investor who founded Haystack, wrote about the breakout tech company of the year: OpenAI. (link)

🛠️ Cool Tools

  • Give me a gift - AI-powered gift ideas. (link)

  • Multi-flow - create, deploy, and iterate on workflows powered by generative models. (link)

  • A really simple Chrome Extension that you can access OpenAI's ChatGPT from anywhere on the web. (link) Available on the Chrome Store here.

  • Baith AI - a simple app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your interior. (link)

  • Consensus - AI-powered, evidence-based search. (link)

  • AskAlfred is a chrome extension that gives you GPT’s second opinion alongside your google searches. (link)

  • Chrome Extension that Integrates ChatGPT (Unofficial) into Google Search. (link)

  • Let GPT-3 answer questions using Google for you. (link)

  • A browser extension to display ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results. (link)

  • A ChatGPT Telegram Bot which can also draw using Stable Diffusion/DALLE. (link)

  • Run your own GPTChat Telegram bot, with a single command. (link)

  • WebGPT Mini - GPT-powered chatbot that can search Google, built on Replit. (link)

  • Paraphrase AI - a simple app that is using GPT-3 to paraphrase and tweak great headlines. (link)

  • Hilbert - automate interviews in minutes. (link)

  • Perfect Cover Letter - AI-powered cover letter bot. (link)

  • - Generate narrated AI videos just from the link to an article. (link)

  • A VSCode extension that allows you to use ChatGPT. (link)

👋 Too many links?! I created a database for all links mentioned in these emails. Refer 1 friend using this link and I'll send over the link database.

🎓 Learn

  • You can teach ChatGPT how to generate AI art prompt templates for any topic, and have it come up with the topics itself. (link)

  • How to... use AI to generate ideas. (link)

  • How to integrate GPT-3 with Siri on Apple Devices, inspired by Hugo Alves work - his shortcut can be downloaded here. (link)

  • How to create incredible animations like this one using only ChatGPT and Javascript. (link)

🔬 Research

  • CLIPPR: Improving zero-shot models with label distribution priors. (link)

  • LatentSwap3D - a model-agnostic approach to enable attribute editing in the latent space of pre-trained 3D-aware GANs. (link)

  • Real-world object navigation. (link)

  • High-res facial appearance capture from polarised smartphone images. (link)

  • A new approach to learned optimisation, using a neural network to represent the computation of the update step of the optimiser. (link)

  • NPM is a nonparametric masked language model that can predict rare tokens or phrases more effectively than existing language models. (link)

  • DiffRF: Rendering-guided 3D radiance field diffusion. (link)

  • ObjectStitch - a self-supervised framework for object compositing using conditional diffusion models. (link)

  • A vision of artificial intelligence research and development for the next decade and beyond, based on the concept of active inference. (link)

  • Predict-and-Critic: Accelerated end-to-end predictive control for cloud computing through reinforcement learning. (link)

  • Legal Prompting: Teaching a language model to think like a lawyer. (link)

🤓 Everything else

  • A thread of AI Fails from Daniel Eckler. (link)

  • ChatGPT hooked up to Whatsapp, by Daniel Gross. (link)

  • From that, Taranjeet built an unofficial ChatGPT API. (link)

  • Another unofficial ChatGPT API. (link)

  • An example of when GPT can also search Google. (link)

  • A ChatGPT interface with a bit more life. (link)

  • How PyTorch is bringing the power of AI to computers and smartphones. (link)

  • Run Stable Diffusion Gradio web UI in Kaggle. (link)

  • Greg Brockman wrote that ChatGPT is primarily an alignment advance as the base model has been available for many months but now this chat interface improved the experience. (link)

  • ChatGPT can fully code a game. Christmas-themed Tic Tac Toe game built 100% using ChatGPT. (link)

  • Using ChatGPT to prompt a way to a new side hustle. (link)

  • Solving Advent of Code puzzles by having GPT-3 write the code. (link)

  • You can reveal ChatGPT’s belief system. (link)

  • Building an interpreter for your own programming language in ChatGPT. (link)

  • The AI Sages - A book written and illustrated by AI, created in 12 hours. (link)

  • Disney made a movie-quality AI tool that automatically makes actors look younger (or older). (link)

  • ​​ChatGPT passes the 2022 AP Computer Science A free-response section. (link)

🧑‍💻 Who's hiring in AI

VEED.IO - Simple Online Video Editing. VEED is hiring AI / ML engineers to level up its creative toolkit and make it more magical.

Buildspace - where builders, build! They're looking for an ML/AI instructor to build their new course.


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