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Cloudflare secures LLMs with new AI firewall

Large Language Models (LLMs) are awesome, but they also increase vulnerability when hooked up to your apps. Cloudflare's new Firewall for AI adds a security blanket specifically made for LLMs. Think of it like a bodyguard filtering out the bad stuff before it even gets close.

What’s going on here?

Cloudflare's Firewall for AI is a toolkit to protect LLMs from abuse and keep data safe.

What does that mean?

Some LLM vulnerabilities are best tackled during the design phase. But for stuff like bad prompts, denial of service, and data leaks, Firewall for AI swoops in as a protective layer after the model's already running.

This firewall scans every single request someone makes to your LLM, just like checking web traffic for threats. It works with stuff you might already use, like Cloudflare Workers or other platforms.

Along with Classic DDoS, you can get super granular about how often people can hit your model with requests. API-level advanced rate limiting helps you avoid those overload attacks trying to crash your AI.

There’s leak protection too. SDD (sensitive data detection) spots sensitive stuff like credit card numbers or API keys leaving your model, so you can stop data breaches. And soon, it'll even keep users from accidentally sending their personal stuff to the models.

A whole new layer of protection is being built to sniff out prompts meant to trick your LLM or force it to spit out nasty responses. Imagine an AI spam filter, but even more robust. This would let you block whole categories of problematic content.

Why should I care?

Look, whether your LLM is a secret weapon for your team, out there for anyone to play with, or part of your customer experience – it needs protecting. Data leaks, embarrassing AI hiccups, or worse... those directly mess with your rep and your bottom line.

Cloudflare's Firewall for AI adds that extra layer of muscle made for the unique ways LLMs can get exploited. Think of it as a step towards safer AI, so we can all quit stressing about the dark side and get back to the fun of building cool stuff.

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