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PLUS: US military experiments with AI for cybersecurity

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Oh boy, ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter is finally hitting the mainstream (of Plus users at least). OpenAI announced yesterday that as of next week it’ll be available to all ChatGPT+ users. This plugin lets ChatGPT run code, potentially with access to files you’re happy to give it, analyse data, create charts, edit files, and way more. Time to get stuck in!


More big news from OpenAI, and this time it’s for those of you who like to get down and dirty with the API. From last night there will be general availability of GPT-4 on the API for paying customers (sorry again to those who don’t pay…), and they’re deprecating older models too.


You wouldn’t believe it: a big, clunky, heavy part of a western-world government AKA the US military is getting stuck into AI. One of the top brass out there has been trialling LLMs to perform military tasks and says he is seriously impressed. He even sees possible uses…

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Stable Diffusion + ChatGPT on a Collaborative Whiteboard

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Verble - AI speechwriting assistant to master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

  • Guac - Industry-leading demand forecasting for grocers.

  • Whimsical AI - Translate ideas into flowcharts in seconds.

  • Alpha by Public - Your investing co-pilot with GPT-4.

  • Scale Donovan - AI-powered decision-making for defense. Trial available for verified U.S. government employees.

  • PR-agent - Get PR analysis and suggestions inside your GitHub pull request.

  • AnswerAI - Shopify customer support chat powered by AI.

  • Bing Chat sidebar ported from Edge to Chrome.

  • DecodeAI - Experimental blog about AI generated by AI, curated by human.

  • Nuggt - An autonomous LLM agent that runs on open source Wizcoder-15B.

  • Journey Automagic AI – Reinventing the presentation to help tell better stories.

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