Daily Digest: 1 year of Sydney

PLUS: OpenAI is building agents

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. I wrote a deep dive on Intercom’s AI strategy - how they’ve re-positioned themselves as an AI-first company by focusing on; product, pricing, people and content.

  2. Microsoft’s Copilot now rocks a fresh look, AI-driven image magic, and a new model Deucalion. They're also dropping a slick ad during the Super Bowl. It’s been a year since Sydney was let loose. Don’t tell me you forgot her.🍿Our Summary (also below)

  3. OpenAI is making agent software now. AI agents don’t just chat but actually get stuff done on your computer and online. 🍿Our Summary (also below) Also, Sam Altman tweeted that OpenAI will help in building hardware factories. (first public acknowledgement by him)

Reminder: Google’s about to rename Bard to Gemini soon (hopefully today), with the release of Gemini Advanced (which competes with ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4.)

  • AgentHub - Automate any workflow with AI.

  • Wondera - Karaoke and transform any songs in your AI voice.

  • Scandilytics - AI-driven reporting for your eCommerce business.

  • Agent Gold AI - Chat with any YouTuber about anything.

  • meals.chat - Track your food (and drinks) with GPT-4V.

  • LocalLLM by Google Cloud - Develop gen AI apps on local CPUs, without GPUs. [tutorial]

  • Also, people are just finding out about this repo by Apple for natural language image editing. (already mentioned it on Monday)


Worth watching:

Biz bites:



Microsoft just jazzed up Bing Chat and put “Copilot” everywhere. Copilot now rocks a fresh look, AI-driven image magic, and the new kid on the block, Deucalion AI model. They're also dropping a slick ad during the Super Bowl.

What is going on here?

Microsoft's Copilot gets better looks, images, and a new model as it comes everywhere.

What does this mean?

The facelift for Copilot isn't just the name change. With a cleaner, image-rich interface, it's more user-friendly.

AI image creation and editing are now in the mix, powered by Designer AI (thanks to DALL-E 3 magic). English speakers in the US, UK, Australia, India, and New Zealand get first dibs on AI editing (limited free credits to test it out).

And then there's Deucalion, making Copilot's responses faster and richer, especially in Balanced mode. It's a fine-tuned model, folks from Microsoft said but they didn’t tell the base model. Likely to be GPT-4 though.

Why should I care?

Remembers Sydney? It’s been a year since Sydney was let loose in Bing Chat. We’ve seen her get locked in an (eternal?) jail and Bing Chat evolve into Copilot.

But Copilot isn’t your boring champ, it’s Clippy reincarnated. Please don’t believe me, find dome tweets of it roasting people and avoiding work.

Just kidding. With the Super Bowl ad, Microsoft’s message is clear: It wants every common person to use Copilot. And the new fine-tuned model in the balanced model is also rad—worth testing with ChatGPT (lazyyyy) and seeing how the results compare.


OpenAI's new project after ChatGPT is crafting AI agents that can literally take the wheel of your digital tasks. Think virtual buddies who are ace at handling your digital errands.

What is going on here?

OpenAI is working on AI agents that not just chat but actually get stuff done on your computer and online.

What does this mean?

OpenAI is working on two types of agents for now. One type of agent is like a digital puppeteer for your computer, doing all the clicky-typey stuff you'd rather not. Need to shuffle data from a doc to a spreadsheet or sort out pesky expense reports? This agent's got you.

The other type is your go-to web ninja, scouting data, planning trips, or snagging flight deals without you breaking a sweat. But, and it's a big but, these agents need to learn about you to be truly helpful - which means letting them in on your digital secrets, with your say-so, of course.

Why should I care?

Because who doesn't want a personal digital whiz? Beyond just cutting down your task list, agents could seriously change most professional work that happens on a screen. And as these agents evolve, they'll get smarter at understanding our needs, making instances like this more common.

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