Daily Digest: AI chats exposed.

PLUS: Voice chat AI from France.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. OpenAI's ChatGPT Mac app had a whoopsie with your chats. Turns out, ChatGPT's new Mac app was basically keeping a diary of your convos that anyone could read. Yikes! But don't freak out - OpenAI's fixed it faster than you can say "privacy breach."

  2. KyutAI, another French AI startup is heading straight for OpenAI. It just dropped Moshi - A GPT-4o-like model that can see hear and talk natively. Moshi is available to try today and KyutAI will open-source it too in the coming days.🍿Our Summary (also below)

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  • Voice Isolator by Eleven Labs - Strip background noise for film, podcast, and interview post-production.

  • Multimodal Canvas with Gemini - Test multimodal prompts using drawing, camera, images, and more.

  • Skott - Your autonomous AI marketer.

  • Kaizan - A complete AI platform for client service teams.

  • Elicit - Find 40% more relevant papers with a new overhauled semantic search.

  • BuilderKit - Build and ship AI tools super fast.

  • &AI - Automate patent due diligence in an instant.


A French AI lab just dropped a chatbot that can actually talk. Like, with a real voice. And anyone can play with it right now.

What's going on here?

Kyutai, a non-profit AI lab, unveiled Moshi - a voice-enabled AI that's openly accessible to all.

What does this mean?

  • Moshi can chat smoothly and expressively using its voice, not just text

  • It's compact enough to run locally on devices, no internet needed

  • The code and model weights will be freely shared (unprecedented for voice AI)

  • Developers can tweak it, extend it, or use it as a base for voice-enabled products

  • It's got killer text-to-speech with emotion and multi-voice interactions

Why should I care?

Kyutai built this in just 6 months with 8 people. Talk about punching above their weight! The downside? Moshi's knowledge and factual accuracy are deliberately limited right now. All this while OpenAI hasn’t shipped the voice mode for GPT-4o, it’s been 7 weeks since it was announced.

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