Daily Digest: AI edits human DNA

PLUS: Data cleaning and creative feedback.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. Some Ben’s Bites 2.0 updates:

    • Two new tutorials published:

      1. Create an AI audience panel for feedback.

      2. Automating data cleaning and formatting.

    • You can save tutorials, mark as complete and track your progress through courses you’re on. Any bugs please let us know but been testing it and we’re happy shipping it. You must be on a paid plan for this

    • Next up: Certifications and quizzes - coming this/next week (I’m travelling this week so we will see when we can ship it!)

    • news.bensbites.com now uses your bensbites.com account details to sign in, you’ll see a realtime feed of new AI products and news, you can upvote, comment and submit posts - the top posts get included here 🙂 

  2. Microsoft announces phi-3 models. Microsoft released the technical report for 3 models in the Phi series - mini, small and medium. Phi 3 mini is a 3.8B model that beats GPT-3.5 on benchmarks. Weights will be released soon. Is this the real deal or will it fall flat like earlier Phi models?

  3. Can AI edit human DNA? Yes. Profulent has designed a gene editor with AI that can successfully edit the human genome. The goal of this is to create one-and-done cures for a variety of diseases. Insane, right? ps: here’s why this is not scary.

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