Daily Digest: Amazon vs Spotify

PLUS: Mistral AI needs more money.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. We just published a tutorial: Creating sales meeting agendas

    • we also reworked the ‘save’ functionality so it’s much snappier and future-proof. Up next: course progress indicator, quizzes and certifications 🔥

  2. Amazon Music is getting in the AI playlist ring with Maestro. This new tool (currently in beta) lets you generate custom playlists with simple prompts—think text, emojis, and vibes. Spotify launched a similar AI feature recently.🍿Our Summary (also below)

  3. Projects in OpenAI’s API dashboard - You can now create individual projects and manage roles, generate API keys, billing and usage restrictions on the project level. I know everyone is waiting for GPT-5 (or 4.5) but OpenAI is building serious upgrades to improve the API and developer experience. Feels like preparation for something big.

  4. Mistral AI is in talks to raise at $5B valuation. It raised $415M in December 2023 at a $2B valuation. Mistral has just recently started generating some revenue. PS: check our 🍿case study on Mistral’s sudden rise in the LLM space.

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Amazon Music's throwing its hat into the AI playlist ring with Maestro. This new tool (currently in beta) lets you generate custom playlists with simple prompts – think text, emojis, and vibes.

What is going on here?

Amazon's playing catch up to Spotify, which launched a similar AI feature recently.

What does this mean?

Need a workout playlist? Tell Maestro. Nostalgic for some 90s tunes? Just ask. Maestro figures out the rest. Your words, your soundtrack.

Whether you're feeling "😭 and eating 🍝" or channelling "Myspace era hip-hop", Maestro translates that into songs. It's even learning to block weird requests (you know people will try!).

Unlimited subscribers get the full deal—play whole playlists, save them, etc. Prime and free users still get the fun of generating playlists, but only with 30-second previews.

Why should I care?

Think of this as the first step towards playlists that truly understand what you want, even if you can't put it into words. It might mean less time scrolling and more time just hitting play.

Amazon joining Spotify in this shows AI isn't a gimmick. Expect AI-powered playlists to become a standard feature, and for both companies to keep refining them.

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