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Daily Digest: How to become an AI-first company

PLUS: Adobe's payout for video data

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. ICYMI - We’ve just released our first course (more coming soon): Learn how to use Claude. It’s a free, beginner-level course with 6 tutorials. Learn about the AI tool from Anthropic: what it is, what it can do, how it can help with everyday personal and work tasks, and how to write prompts for it.

    1. Also published a free tutorial on how to write effective prompts.

  2. Intercom is taking a big swing with AI, shifting to an AI-first customer service company. I talked with co-founder and CSO, Des Traynor about their new copilot and how to actually become an AI-first company.

  3. Google’s Cloud Next went under the radar for most folks but Google put their moat in AI out front. Google is best at doing things at scale and has the infrastructure to do so. Ben Thompson also wrote about this: Gemini 1.5 and Google’s nature ICYMI, Gemini is already at 25% traffic of ChatGPT.

  4. Adobe is buying videos for $3 per minute to build an AI model. Adobe's playing catch-up in the AI video generation race. Now, it’s buying up tons of short video footage to train its AI model.🍿Our Summary (also below)

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Adobe's playing catch-up in the AI video generation race. With rivals like OpenAI's Sora pushing boundaries, Adobe is scrambling to build its own text-to-video AI model.

What is going on here?

Adobe's buying up tons of video footage to train its AI model.

What does this mean?

Video tools are Adobe’s bread and butter (or maybe just butter, bread might be images and PDFs), and it’s serious about adding AI into these tools. They've shown their hands at AI image generation with Firefly, but video is the next frontier.

OpenAI’s Sora and other AI video models are putting pressure on Adobe to catch up but to keep on its promise of legally and commercially safe AI, Adobe can’t just scrape Youtube videos.

Adobe's past strategy relied on stock libraries, but they're going beyond that to build something competitive. It’s paying creators to submit short videos of common activities. Think videos of people doing everyday stuff, interacting with objects like smartphones, etc. The pay is about $3 per minute but can go as high as $7 in some cases.

Why should I care?

If you're building creative tools, this is a wake-up call. AI is rapidly changing how content is made, and staying relevant means adapting. AI image was so 2023, we have AI music now, and soon AI video. In the end, it’ll always be individual creativity as everyone will have access to the same tools.

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