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  • Daily Digest: Ben's Bites 2.0 - our new thing

Daily Digest: Ben's Bites 2.0 - our new thing

PLUS: First impressions of Sora

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. I’m SO SO SO excited to say, we’ve launched Ben’s Bites 2.0 !! - Tutorials to make AI simple. Previously I founded Makerpad, a no-code education site and now we’re positioning Ben’s Bites as the place to learn how to use AI for work. It’s a one-time fee (for early-bird access), and it includes all tutorials, plus the case studies we’ve been doing for Ben’s Bites Pro (and future ones).

    1. If you’re a pro member already, you get access from today, no additional charge, and no future charges either - your payment already counts as your one-time fee.

    2. Why are we doing this? Because AI can feel complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve not seen anywhere that offers really simple tutorials on how to use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini etc to do work.

    3. We’ve started with several beginner-level tutorials, we’ll be adding more every week, plus advanced ones soon. We have a tutorial request board you can submit to for us to add to our backlog.

    4. Plus we have a Slack community to connect with others using AI at work, sharing workflows and tips.

    5. Sign up here

  2. First impressions of Sora - Open AI gave Sora access to select artists, creators, directors etc. and let them create short movies and videos. They have shared 7 examples of how Sora can be a tool in the creative process. But there’s no news on when Sora will be released.

  3. FTX to sell two-thirds of its shares in Anthropic for $884M to two dozen institutional investors. It invested $500M in Anthropic for a ~7.8% stake. The previous attempt to sell these shares in June 2023 fell through because of long due diligence.

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