Daily Digest: ChatGPT's search engine

PLUS: Sora's first music video and AI spending report

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Hello folks, edition #404 today—hope you received it without hiccups. Let’s get into it;

  1. We now have over 70 tutorials live! that’s over double what we launched with 🫢 here are some of our recent ones:

    1. Use AI to handle missing values, remove duplicates, standardise formats, and more.

    2. Create an analyst that uses your real-time consumer data to make smart marketing recommendations.

    3. Spin up web games easily using ChatGPT and Replit - no coding knowledge needed.

    4. Learn how to transform raw data into a format that trains your AI model effectively.

    5. How to use AI to prepare for a job interview

    6. How to transform complex documents into executive summaries and detailed insights.

  2. OpenAI might be launching a search engine. It’s registering SSL certificates for search.chatgpt.com. The Information reported this in February. Sam Altman also talked about search + LLMs in his latest visit to Lex Fridman’s podcast. The anticipated date for this launch is 9th May.

  3. We’ve got the first official music video made by OpenAI’s Sora. The music video for the song titled “The Hardest Part” by Washed Out and directed by Paul Trillio is made entirely with clips from Sora. Is it great? nope. Are we going to see a lot more of this? I think yeah.

  4. Ramp has released a report on how its customers are spending on AI. AI spending grew 293% YOY, where overall software growth was 6%. Some more trends:

    • New AI adoption is slowing but existing users are doubling down, suggesting clear ROI.

    • Non-tech sectors are not shy. Healthcare, finance, and others are rapidly adopting AI.

    • Narrow AI tools for specific tasks (e.g., sales intelligence) are gaining traction alongside general-purpose AI.

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