Daily Digest: Claude vs ChatGPT

PLUS: OpenAI is not ready.

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Hello folks, we have updates on both Claude and ChatGPT today. Both are shaping up as mature products, with equally powerful models. Who’ll be the king in a few weeks?

  1. Claude gets the team spirit! Anthropic's latest update introduces "Projects" in Claude, letting you organize and share your AI chats with teammates. Projects have a 200k token context window that accepts custom docs, large codebases and custom instructions (to tweak Claude's personality per project). Claude is also getting a redesign with features like searchable chat history.

  2. ChatGPT's desktop app for macOS is now live for all users. The shortcut Option + Space takes you to Chatty. The Mac app also has the option to search your chat history (ChatGPT web doesn’t). But hold your horses on that Voice Mode previewOpenAI needs another month to perfect it. Expect a small alpha rollout soon, with all Plus users getting access this fall.

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  • ElevenLabs Reader App - Listen to articles, PDFs, or any text with the highest quality AI voices on your mobile.

  • Claude Engineer - CLI access to Claude 3.5 Sonnet combined with file operations and web search.

  • Wendy - AI therapy that won't bore you.

  • Zebracat - Turn text into impactful videos in minutes with AI.

  • Relay - AI-powered automation with a human in the loop.

  • Scene - All-in-one web design workspace with AI.

  • FiddleCube - Generate Q&A to test your LLMs and RAG.

  • ControlFlow - Python framework for building agentic AI workflows.

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