Daily Digest: Damage Control

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Hello folks, we’re looking for AI tutorial writers - text and screenshot - showing how to use AI systems like ChatGPT for work. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with some example conversations you’ve had with ChatGPT.

here’s what we have today;

  1. JUST FOUND: ChatGPT on the web now has “read-aloud” responses.

  2. OpenAI execs reject Elon Musk's claims. OpenAI is sending internal comms to deal with Musk’s new lawsuit. A memo by CSO Jason Kwon said, “Musk's allegations do not reflect the reality of our work or mission." Jason’s memo rejects three big claims made by Elon:

    1. GPT-4 is an AGI level system.

    2. OpenAI dropped its mission of benefitting humanity.

    3. OpenAI is working as a subsidiary of Microsoft.

    Sam Altman also sent a note — “It was never going to be a cakewalk…The attacks will keep coming.”

  3. Sergey Brin (Google’s co-founder) talks about AGI and Gemini. He claimed that the Gemini image fiasco was because they did not test the model enough. We put together a cleaned🍿QnA format transcript from his session on other things he answered including AGI, Search and advertising revenue.

  • D-ID Agents - Create and deploy digital people that work for you.

  • Exa Categories - Search filters that get only the type of content you want.

  • Instanice - Change the vibe of your photos based on curated aesthetics.

  • AI Transcription by Transistor - Generate incredibly accurate transcripts for your podcast episodes.

  • Kater AI - The data agent that gets better the more you use it.

  • Focal - AI movie studio. Books & screenplay turned into movies.

  • Anytalk - Real-time app translating video and audio streams into different languages.

  • Dataku - Smart data extraction helper powered by AI.

  • Flashchats - Flashcards in a private podcast feed (by AI).


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  • Kin - Personal AI companion for your private life. Kin has Advanced Memory and is the world's most private ai. Get early access at MyKin.ai

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