Daily Digest: Free AI audio

PLUS: Siri 2.0, OpenAI's infra security.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. New post from Garrett (who creates tutorials for Ben’s Bites) on how AI will unlock AR-enabled work for a broad spectrum of workers.

  2. Stability AI has released Stable Audio Open, a free text-to-audio model for generating sound effects and production elements. Unlike its commercial counterpart, Stable Audio, this open-source model focuses on shorter audio samples and is ideal for drum beats, instrument riffs, and ambient sounds.

  3. Apple and OpenAI’s unlikely deal - While Apple thinks its own AI is pretty smart for handling things like voice memos and photo editing, Siri is not on the cool kids’ table yet. So, they struck a deal with OpenAI, who apparently offered them a sweeter deal than Google. Reports say the duo will announce their partnership at WWDC.

  4. OpenAI outlines its security measures for protecting its advanced AI research infrastructure. This includes a multi-layered approach using Azure, Kubernetes, and identity management systems. Model weights are also safeguarded through multi-party approvals, private links, and egress controls.

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