Daily Digest: Hypocrites

PLUS: Youtube warns OpenAI, AI gets tools

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. As AI use picks up steam, we’ll see big companies being hypocrites all the time: NYT will soon offer most articles via automated voice. But who’s behind those voices? No idea and NYT won’t tell us either, as they are suing OpenAI for data theft at the moment.

  2. On the same note, YouTube’s CEO says OpenAI training Sora with its videos would break YouTube’s terms of service. Next Q: Will Google train on them? Yes, it will because it’s in their terms of service.

  3. Tool Use allows these language models to interact with external apps. Tool Use is becoming increasingly important for businesses and AI agents. You don’t want to be the person copy-pasting LLM results. Ideally, they would do stuff on their own. Case in point:

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LLMs are changing the game for businesses, and Cohere's Command R+ is a big step forward. Think of it as a powerful, more affordable AI engine designed for enterprise workloads. Its big selling points are accuracy, multilingual support, and tool integration.

What is going on here?

Cohere is aiming to give companies a reliable AI solution that won't break the bank.

What does this mean?

Command R+ is built to excel at finding the most relevant information (even providing citations to back it up) and automating those tedious tasks that eat up your time. Plus, it understands 10 key languages so your team can work seamlessly around the world.

Command R+ aims to be trustworthy, reducing those "is this AI making things up?" moments. by focusing on citations grounded in business documents. And, if you work with international clients or have a global team, this could be a major win for communication and efficiency.

On benchmarks built for measuring business use cases, Command R+ goes toe to toe with the biggest models like Mistral Large and GPT-4 at a fraction of their cost.

Why should I care?

Reliable AI could be a huge productivity boost. Imagine using this LLM to keep your CRM updated, and pull specific data from documents, the possibilities are exciting. Think of the hours saved on research and mindless tasks. Plus, a multilingual model opens up communication channels that may have been a bottleneck before. Of course, it depends on your specific needs, but Command R+ can be a huge help if you’re trying to use LLMs in your business.

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