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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. Klarna made headlines recently with AI replacing 700 support agents, with the potential of $40M profit gain - I wrote a deep dive on Klarna, what they did, and how it’s impacting jobs, plus a look into their annual report.

  2. Scale AI is releasing a new benchmark: WMDP (Weapons of Mass Destruction Proxy). This benchmark would test risky information about things like biology, chemicals, and computer hacking that these models might have learned. It’s built in collaboration with the Center of AI Safety (the folks that created MMLU).

  3. Zapier made two big announcements yesterday. First, Zapier Central - A new workspace where you can build and teach AI bots that work across 6000+ apps. And, Zapier acquired Vowel, an AI-first meetings startup. Zapier’s cofounder (also head of AI) talks about both here. I’m also experimenting with the new workspace.

  4. New bestie writes like humans - Our weekly marketing digest. Claude 3 is now the best free chatbot in the market. Legacy companies are starting to use AI tools in their marketing, showing new possibilities and some limits.

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