Daily Digest: Meta wants to make money

PLUS: Golden Gate AI and OpenAI rolls back shady agreements.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. Hot off the (content) press:

    1. Turn Notion database items into SEO-optimized blog posts, bite-sized summaries and more.

    2. Use ChatGPT to create standardised responses to common customer queries and issues.

    3. New course: Leveraging AI for effective content marketing. Use generative AI to elevate your content marketing strategy and drive better results.

  2. Meta is working on a paid AI assistant. Meta's jumping on the paid AI bandwagon, just like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI! They're cooking up a premium version of their Meta AI assistant, probably with a monthly fee like the others.🍿Our Summary (also below)

  3. No equity clawback at OpenAI. The company has sent an internal memo releasing former employees from controversial exit agreements. Terms in there allowed OpenAI to take back vested equity from former employees who publicly criticized the company. OpenAI also clarified that it hasn’t used this clause yet and those agreements are now off the table.

  4. Golden Gate Claude is real. Anthropic has made a fun version of Claude available for a limited time. This one thinks it’s the Golden Gate Bridge and inserts the reference into every conversation. It’s a result of 🍿Anthropic’s new research on interpretability.

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  • OpenAI’s voice engine [demo] - OpenAI’s voice cloning software that works with just 15s of audio.


Did you hear? Meta's jumping on the paid AI bandwagon, just like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI! They're cooking up a premium version of their Meta AI assistant, probably with a monthly fee like the others.

What is going on here?

Meta might be getting serious about making money from AI, not just giving stuff away for free.

What does this mean?

Beyond the premium AI assistant, Meta is developing AI agents that can automate tasks, such as an "engineering agent" for coding assistance. There are also "monetization agents" to help businesses advertise on Meta's platforms, potentially opening up new opportunities for targeted and efficient ad campaigns.

Meta's VP of generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle, is calling the premium tier "consumer cloud” in an internal report. It’s also reorganizing its AI teams to focus on developer tools and consumer products. One team will work on Llama and engineering products, and the other will make fun social experiences.

Why should I care?

Meta's pouring a ton of cash into AI – we're talking $40 billion this year! They've already integrated Meta AI into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Ray-Bans. But investors want to see a return on that investment, so paid features could be the answer.

This could be a big shift in how we use Meta's products. Imagine having a supercharged AI assistant to help you with everyday tasks but with a price tag. We ain’t used to paying Meta for social media, but let’s see how it changes because of Meta AI.

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