Daily Digest: Moderna adopts AI

PLUS: Devin is worth $2B, OpenAI becomes GPU rich.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. No case study today, I'm in SF for the week. Read these past posts focused on adopting AI into your daily work:

  2. Talking about GPTs, Moderna has partnered with OpenAI. It has created over 400 GPTs just for research-related tasks. Other Fortune 1000 companies are also experimenting heavily with GPTs internally.

  3. Cognition Labs, the startup behind Devin is now valued at $2B. The startup is just 6 months old, and despite some pushback on its demos, investor backing is still strong. Founders Fund led the $175M raise.

  4. Also, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang delivered the first H200 GPU to OpenAI.

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