Daily Digest: Pixel 9's AI lineup

PLUS: Meta goes 3D, Apple to join OpenAI board.

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. Google's Pixel 9 to introduce "Google AI" suite with exciting new features! The new features include "Add Me" for group photos, "Studio" for creative edits, and "Pixel Screenshots" - a narrowed version of Microsoft's Recall. 🍿Our Summary (also below)

    ps: Samsung (which uses Google’s AI heavily) has an event on July 10th promising new AI features.

  2. Meta’s new 3D Gen system allows rapid 3D asset generation from text prompts. It creates high-quality 3D assets with detailed textures and material maps in under a minute, outperforming existing solutions at 3-10x the speed.

  3. Apple might join OpenAI's board as an observer, with Phil Schiller (Apple's App Store chief and former marketing head) taking the seat. Similar to Microsoft’s seat on the board, Apple would have a front-row view of OpenAI's operations. The news has not been confirmed by anyone from Apple or OpenAI yet.

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Google's upping its AI game for the Pixel 9 with a suite of new features branded as "Google AI". It includes "Add Me" for group photos, "Studio" for creative edits, and "Pixel Screenshots" - a privacy-focused version of Microsoft's Recall.

What's going on here?

Google is planning to introduce "Google AI" features for the Pixel 9, including a privacy-friendly version of Microsoft's controversial Recall feature.

What does this mean?

Google's bundling some existing AI tricks (Circle to Search, Gemini) with shiny new ones:

  • "Add Me" - an upgrade to Best Take that'll make sure everyone's in your group shots

  • "Studio" - possibly an all-in-one AI image generator, similar to Apple's Image Playground

  • "Pixel Screenshots" - Google's take on Microsoft's Recall, but way less creepy

The Pixel Screenshots feature only works on manually captured screenshots, not everything on your screen. It'll use on-device AI to help you search screenshot contents and even chat about them.

Why should I care?

Samsung is set to unveil new AI features across its lineup on July 10. Given their history of using Google's AI, we might see some overlap with What Google might bring to the Pixel 9 series in August.

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