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Daily Digest: What will OpenAI launch today?

PLUS: Apple wants ChatGPT

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. Latest free course: Learn how to use Gemini 🔥 plus tips and tricks for lesser-known features.

  2. OpenAI is gearing up for a reveal today at 10 AM PT. No GPT-5, no search engine—bummer, right? But hey, an exclusive from The Information points to a voice assistant like Her. Everyone’s speculating, here are some of mine:

    • Voice mode with multiple users on Team plan—think inviting ChatGPT to a meeting.

    • New models—remember the gpt2 chatbots? GPT-3.5 goes away.

    • Live demo of Voice Engine integration (it can clone voices from just a 15s sample).

    We'll know for sure in just a few hours, so grab the popcorn.

  3. Apple is close to getting ChatGPT into iOS 18. Bloomberg reports that the deal with OpenAI is almost done. Earlier leaks also mentioned a possible Apple & Google partnership to use Gemini but those talks are going much slower than expected. Either way, Apple is cooking up a Siri revamp.

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  • You can now enhance your basic prompts to powerful ones in the Anthropic Console.

  • HubSpot’s co-founder Dharmesh is hacking around with AI agents at agent.ai — You should get on Dharmesh’s waitlist.

  • OpenGlass - Turn any glasses into AI-powered smart glasses.

  • ManyExcel - Generate formulas for Excel and Google Sheets from simple text.

  • Citation Needed - Use Wikipedia to verify information on the web.

  • NerdSnipes - Explore history's highlights decade by decade with tiny AI podcasts.

  • SmartRazor - Edit talking head YouTube videos in half the time.

  • Voicenotes - AI note-taker that's truly intelligent.


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