How GPT-4 flags harmful content

PLUS: Article summaries in Google Chrome and AI safety debate.

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I was waiting for a banger from Open AI for a few days. The past few updates have been old features being rolled out to more users. But using GPT-4 for automated content moderation is the banger I’m talking about.

Here’s a quick overview of how this works: For a list of queries, human experts create an answer key with queries marked as safe or unsafe → GPT-4 tries and iterates over that list to match the answer key → A smaller model of this final iteration is used to achieve content moderation at scale.

Open AI says that it and some of its customers have already been using it, and it’s faster and more reliable than Anthropic’s Constitutional AI. It’s available to everyone with OpenAI API access. Read the technical docs here.


I think OpenAI and Google secretly have a deal of launching big things at the same time. Google has launched a few updates for the SGE (search generative experience). The AI snapshot for a query will now have definitions for unknown words that can be seen by hovering over the word. There’s improvement in understanding code during programming-related searches.

But the biggest of these is “SGE while browsing,” which basically means Google Chrome will now summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AI. It’ll create AI-generated “key points” from any free-to-read article—it won’t work with websites that publishers mark as paywalled. This is coming to iOS and Android first before the desktop.

Aside from all of this, Google Photos also added a scrapbook-like Memories view feature aided by AI.


Dwarkesh hosted George Hotz and Eliezer Yudkowsky for an AI safety debate. I’ll be honest, I haven’t checked out the debate, but I believe this will be good. Brownie points if send me your notes from this.

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