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  • Financial Times is licensing its content to OpenAI.

Financial Times is licensing its content to OpenAI.

The FT is licensing its articles to OpenAI. This means ChatGPT gets smarter by learning from the FT's journalism, and you'll see FT content summarized within ChatGPT's responses.

What is going on here?

Financial Times is licensing its content to OpenAI.

What does this mean?

OpenAI is aggressively securing deals with news publications to get access to their coverage. The goal is to make ChatGPT rely on real-time news in its responses. For example: now ChatGPT could access FT reporting, use the information in its answers and link back to the original source.

The Financial Times is fifth such major organization, with Associated Press, Axel Springer, Le Monde, Prisa Media already in partnership with OpenAI. Money talk of this deal is hush-hush but it’s likely that FT is getting paid for the use of this material.

The FT will also experiment with AI-tools to help with its reporting as a part of this deal. FT became a customer of ChatGPT Enterprise earlier this year.

Why should I care?

More established news organizations are embracing the change, but some like the NYT are also fighting it.

It’s much more likely that this is the future of how we consume news—via an AI chatbot. AI is already writing headlines and sports recaps. Get ready for AI-generated summaries, personalized news feeds, and who knows what else.

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