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Gemini is available inside Google Workspace now.

Google's rolling out updates to its AI-powered tools within Google Workspace. They're rebranding their Duet AI assistant, adding new features, and offering plans for businesses of all sizes.

What's going on here?

Google Workspace is also getting the latest Gemini models.

What does this mean?

Google is consolidating its AI branding across its products. Duet AI which worked in Docs, Slides, Gmail and other Workspace products is now also Gemini for Workspace.

It’s got the better brains of Gemini working in the backend now. For small businesses, it starts from the same $20/month/user pricing as individual users, while enterprises get some extra features with the $30 plan.

Why should I care?

Having Gemini as a standalone app is okay, but the real unlock of AI starts when it starts to get into the products we use daily, like Docs or Gmail. Also, that’s one advantage Google has over OpenAI and other competitors. People use a ton of Google’s products and it’s hard to change habits.

Finally, Google is starting to solve some of the naming issues with its AI product. we’ve seen Microsoft do the same with everything now getting called Copilot. Hopefully, less confusion as we go ahead now.

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