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GitHub launches Copilot workspace to create 1B developers.

GitHub Copilot has been a game-changer, boosting developer productivity with AI-powered code suggestions. Now, GitHub is taking it to the next level with GitHub Copilot Workspace—a complete development environment powered by natural language.

What is going on here?

GitHub announces Copilot Workspace to go from an idea to working code entirely using everyday language.

What does this mean?

You can start with a task, and Copilot Workspace assists like a thought partner, outlining a step-by-step plan pulled directly from your codebase.

You're still in control though—edit the plan, add notes, and tweak it to perfection. Copilot Workspace generates the code suggestions, and after you call the shots, you can execute code within the workspace.

Copilot Workspace is designed to be mobile-friendly and collaborative to make sharing with teammates easier. It’s a technical preview, you can get on the waitlist here.

Why should I care?

Copilot Workspace would remove a ton of friction for experienced devs, letting them focus on the big picture. For those new to coding, the barrier to entry would get way lower. GitHub’s not just aiming at devs more productive—with this, it is aiming to make more devs, period.

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