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PLUS: Apple's secret AI team, Falcon 180B and new AI grant winners

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OpenAI’s first developer conference on November 6 in San Francisco. It’ll be a one-day event, and in-person registration will be open in a few weeks. In-person attendees would be able to join breakout sessions by OpenAI’s technical staff. The keynotes will be streamed live for everyone.


Spread Your Wings: Falcon 180B is here. Falcon 180B is the new model in the Falcon series of models from UAE (which are already topping open source charts), and with 180B parameters, it’s now the largest openly available language model. It was trained on a massive 3.5 trillion tokens using TII's RefinedWeb dataset.


Apple boosts spending to develop conversational AI. Apple's budget for training AI is now millions of dollars per day. This conversational AI team of around 16 people is developing foundational models and led by Ruoming Pang. Their approach to conversational AI seems to be allowing users to use the iPhone with natural language commands. For eg: make a gif out of last five photos and text it to Ben.


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 From the community 
 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Langchain Hub - A place to publish, discover, and try out prompts.

  • Clearbit AI update - Improved core data sets and an all-new data control center for B2B.

  • Merlin - Qualitative research conducted, analyzed, and summarized by AI.

  • Jupitrr - Auto-magically generates b-rolls for creators.

  • Loom AI - Record better, faster video messages with AI.

  • Clevis - App builder for AI-powered apps.

  • The Wibble - Generate your own satire news with AI.

  • Pantry - Brew/Docker for LLMs.

  • Anecdote - Instantly identify bugs in your customer feedback.

  • Deepen - AI therapy & counseling.

ps: if anyone is still there, Clubhouse launched a big update to shift towards messaging.

 Ben’s Bites News  top posts from the last 24 hours

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  • AI Gives You Superpowers 🦸🏻‍♂️ Transform must-reads into must-listens with 🎧

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