Google drops $$ for AI think tanks

PLUS: Microsoft's Legal Shield and AI diagnosis

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Google pledges $20 Million for responsible AI fund. Google’s philanthropic arm is launching a Digital Futures Project to address concerns like algorithmic bias and labor impacts. Recipients include think tanks and academics worldwide. The first recipients include the Aspen Institute and MIT Work of the Future.


Microsoft offers legal protection for AI copyright infringement challenges. Microsoft says that it’ll bear the legal cost for businesses if there are any issues regarding copyright upon the use of their Copilot services. PS: Adobe did the same for their image generation service, Firefly.


ChatGPT found the right diagnosis for a boy who had seen 17 doctors. The specialists diagnosed the part of the body they knew about, unable to make a larger connection to his overall sickness but ChatGPT was. A lot of us might have started taking AI for granted or just think about summarizing emails, but a little reminder that if done correctly, it can help people and save lives.

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