Google's Gemini is around the corner

PLUS: Anthropic + BCG, Databricks' Series I and more fundings.

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Google’s Gemini might come sooner than expected. The scoop from The Information says that some companies are getting early access to a large version of Gemini. It is reported to have lesser hallucinations, better coding power, and other features such as chart analysis.


Anthropic partners with Boston Consulting Group. Anthropic will provide access to Claude 2 to a) the internal teams of BCG and b) enterprise customers of BCG. That’s a big customer base with multiple use cases: market research, fraud detection, report generation, business analysis and more.


Databricks has raised $500M in its series I with a valuation of $43B. It’s previous valuation was $38B when it raised $1.5B in August 2021. Nvidia, a16z, and Tiger Global are part of this funding round.

psss: a bunch of funding-related news today in the news section.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Kick - Daily bookkeeping for the modern business owner.

  • Portfolio Magic by Contra - AI-powered portfolio builder for freelancers with payments, analytics, and more.

  • Chronicle AI from Granica - Deep data visibility for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage customers.

  • v0 by Vercel Labs - Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

  • Perplexity collections - One place for multi-player search threads.

  • Slite - Your company knowledge base, on autopilot.

  • Wave - AI note taker with intelligent summaries and transcriptions.

  • Snapy - Auto edit and generate your videos with AI.

  • HelpKit AI – Supercharge your Notion knowledge base with AI.

  • Astrocyte - Create and chat with 3D AI characters.

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