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Google's new AI solves math olympiad problems

There's a new AI from Google DeepMind called AlphaGeometry that totally nails solving super hard geometry problems. We're talking problems so tough only math geniuses who compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad can figure them out.

What's going on here?

AlphaGeometry is a complete game changer for how well AIs can logically reason through math concepts and come up with answers.

What does this mean?

The system combines a language model that makes intuitive guesses with a logic engine that methodically checks the step-by-step reasoning. AlphaGeometry was trained on 100 million automated examples of geometric proofs, so it learned complex geometry without any human input. When tested on 30 past Olympiad problems, it solved 25 within the time limits - nearly as many as the average human gold medalist. This is big progress for AIs learning advanced math skills by themselves.

Why should I care?

Advancing AIs' reasoning in technical areas like math is crucial for developing more general artificial intelligence. Systems like AlphaGeometry that can learn deep concepts without human hand-holding have huge implications across science. It builds on DeepMind's other Alpha models like AlphaGo and AlphaFold that pushed boundaries in games and protein folding. This approach could help AIs unlock discoveries in all kinds of fields down the line. So while high-level math competitions seem niche, breakthroughs like AlphaGeometry bring us steps closer to advanced, adaptable AI that can expand humanity's knowledge.

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