A GPT-3 Alternative

💬 Open-source speech-to-speech translation, a GPT-3 alternative, A new tool for building LLM apps, Text-to-music is here

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 💬 Open-source speech-to-speech translation 📝 A GPT-3 alternative 🛠 A new tool for building LLM apps 🎶 Text-to-music is here


  • GPT-3 (from OpenAI) is the main text-based model out there, and it’s not open source. CarperAI (of Stability AI) is partnering with Humanloop, Scale and Hugging Face to bring an open-source alternative to GPT-3. They outline why it’s a big deal (and it is a BIG deal). CarperAI will release a chinchilla-optimal large language model explicitly trained to follow human instructions .

  • Lex, the largely hyped AI-writing tool has been releasing invites (I’m writing in it now) and Justin filmed a reaction video as he’s using it to write a blog post. It’s a really great demo of how it all works AND feels to use some of this technology.

  • We’ve all been thinking about pseudonymity-preserving meetups, haven’t we?! No? Well, thankfully Balaji has. Who else?! It’s a way to essentially meet in person while still hiding your identity and speech. A bit of a wild futuristic concept, but there’s a partial demo of it.

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  • Dust is a new tool that helps you design and deploy Large Language Model apps. In their announcement, they show off a demo of how it works.

  • Read about the experience gained by researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs doing real machine-learning work.

  • New research paves way for the innovative theory of cognitive processing.

  • Text-to-music. MubertAI: A simple demo offering music generation by prompt and duration. Feels like a lot is going to happen quickly for this use case.

  • Eyenuk raises $26M for diabetic retinopathy screening tech.


This Redditor created a simple prompt to make these cool 3d optical illusion lamps. I want one!

Elmo holding a sign that says "Fluck you"

Conveyor belt in a floof factory. Look at all that flooooof!


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