GPT-5 is in under works - Sam Altman

Sam Altman did an interview with the Financial Times and namedropped many things—GPT 5 being one of them. Sam talked about their true product, revenue growth, relationship with Microsoft and more.

What's going on here?

Sam Altman talks GPT5, superintelligence and future funding.

What does this mean?

Altman says the partnership with Microsoft is working well, and he expects Microsoft to keep investing in OpenAI's pursuit of AGI. Revenue growth has been good this year, but costs to train AI models remain high, so OpenAI continues to operate at a loss. To build out its enterprise business, OpenAI has hired executives like COO Brad Lightcap.

OpenAI’s true product is "superintelligence". Tools like GPTs to create more autonomous agents capable of complex tasks are a path to it. Altman confirmed that OpenAI is working on GPT-5, though didn’t give any timeline hints. Apart from compute, GPT-5 will need more data to be better than the previous models and OpenAI’s data programs may be a step in that direction.

Altman also commented on the high demand for Nvidia’s chips being a factor in work this year but seems to think that the problem will be solved soon.

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