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How Intercom is Leading AI-First Customer Support

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Intercom is taking a big swing with AI, shifting to an AI-first customer service company.

Intercom's approach to AI-first customer support revolves around three key stakeholders: the end user, the support rep, and the manager.

"We've kind of taken a big step back and being like, there are basically three stakeholders in a customer support conversation.”

Intercom's first focus was building for the end user with their AI agent, "Fin." The next tool they're launching is an AI co-pilot for support reps, followed by AI insights for support managers in the future.

In this interview with Des Traynor, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, we spoke about:

  • What their new co-pilot does

  • How it works

  • How AI can augment customer service jobs now

  • The future of customer support with AI

  • How other companies are approaching AI in customer support

  • What it takes to become an AI-first company

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