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  • The Linux of AI devices is here - it's called O1.

The Linux of AI devices is here - it's called O1.

Open Interpreter, which started as an open-source implementation of ChatGPT’s code interpreter is now joining the AI hardware arena. It just released O1 - an open-source ecosystem for AI devices.

What’s going on here?

O1 Light by Open Interpreter is a voice interface that controls your computer.

What does that mean?

LLMs are cool, but they don’t do work. Most AI hardware projects with LLMs have the same issue, they just focus on getting answers from the web or chatting. “Open Interpreter” is combining their work in controlling a computer with LLMs and the reignited interest in hardware projects. All while being open-source.

Its long-term goal is to be the Linux of the next-generation AI-first devices and the first iteration of that vision is O1 Light. It is a small device that you talk to, and it thinks and does tasks on your computer. It can send text, edit files, access the web etc, but most importantly, learn new tasks. Check out this video for more.

You can buy an O1 Light for $100. Batch 7 is about to run out as I’m writing, but you can also build your own with all open-sourced details.

Why should I care?

This is everything we all love.
✅AIs doing work
✅Tiny piece of hardware
✅Open source

The Open Interpreter team is going to release all the goodness behind O1 i.e. models, the OS, hardware design etc. in the upcoming weeks. This is likely to be the Llama moment for AI hardware devices where cracked builders will come out with insane applications. Get building.

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