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How to make ChatGPT behave? OpenAI's Model Spec 101.

OpenAI just unveiled its Model Spec, a comprehensive document outlining exactly how it wants the AI models to behave. It's a detailed guide with objectives, rules, and default behaviours for their AI.

What is going on here?

OpenAI introduces the Model Spec to refine AI behaviour with a structured approach.

What does this mean?

The Model Spec outlines three core components: objectives, rules, and default behaviours.

  • Objectives like aiding users effectively and ethically, benefiting humanity, and upholding OpenAI’s good name set the direction.

  • The rules are more specific, ensuring that AI adheres to legal standards, respects privacy, and avoids NSFW content.

  • Default behaviours guide everyday AI responses, ensuring they’re helpful but not overbearing, ask for clarifications when confused, and handle user interactions with neutrality and kindness.

The Model Spec is like a rulebook for OpenAI's AI. It tells us they prioritize assisting users, benefiting humanity, and reflecting well on the company. It also reveals specific rules their AI must follow, like complying with laws, protecting privacy, and avoiding harmful content.

Why should I care?

Anthropic has a similar framework for making their models follow certain guidelines which they call “Constitutional AI”. Together with the Model Spec, these guidelines could influence how other companies approach AI development, potentially leading to safer and more aligned AI across the board.

OpenAI is also actively seeking feedback on the Spec, so now's your chance to have a say in shaping the future of AI.

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