Meta is losing AI talent

PLUS: Training clusters and MidJourney's anti-VC journey

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Inside Meta’s AI drama - Internal feuds over compute power. Over half of the 14 authors of Meta's original Llama research paper from February 2023 have quit. The reasons seems to be an internal battle over compute resources and a hot job market.


Huggingface starts training cluster as a service. You can train LLMs on HuggingFace’s infrastructure now. You can train the model on A100 or H100 GPUs or trainium nodes. They are also allowing multimodal training with up to 3T tokens. There’s a waitlist to join, but you can get an estimate of the cost.


How Midjourney’s founder built an AI winner while rejecting venture capital. The folks at Information have done a profile on David Holz, Midjourney’s founder. Midjourney has done $200M in revenue, with just 40 members, and hasn’t raised VC funds.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Helpkit AI - Turn your notion database into a chatbot to save hours on customer support.

  • SEC insights - Analyze multifaceted financial documents such as 10-Ks and 10-Qs.

  • Perplexity search is now available as an iPhone app.

  • GPT author - A chain of GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, and Anthropic API calls to generate an original fantasy novel.

  • Chirp v1 by Suno - Next generation of text to music now live on Discord.

  • Pentest Copilot by BugBase - Your ultimate AI-powered ethical hacking assistant.

  • Audionotes Pro - Turn voice & text notes into structured summaries & content.

  • Plutis - On-demand, modern-day mental healthcare.

  • Atticus AI - Negotiate consulting contracts faster using GPT-4.

  • Satlas - Open geospatial data generated by AI.

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  • Check out how leaders can create space to transform their teams into an AI-first mindset and why a hackathon may unlock AI for your business.

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