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  • Microsoft is partnering with Semafor to boost news reporting with AI.

Microsoft is partnering with Semafor to boost news reporting with AI.

Microsoft's diving deep into the AI + news game with Semafor. Microsoft's funding a project named "Signals" under Semafor, aiming to bring AI into the newsroom.

What’s going on here?

Microsoft is partnering with Semafor, leveraging AI to innovate in news production amidst a looming legal battle with the New York Times.

What does this mean?

Signals is aiming to drop about a dozen global news perspectives daily, crafted by humans but powered by AI research tools. Think of it as AI doing the legwork so journalists can craft more nuanced stories. Plus, Microsoft is also buddying up with journalism schools and organizations to spread the AI love.

But it's not all smooth sailing. The media world's on edge about AI muscling in, fearing traffic and revenue dips. The New York Times is already suing Microsoft and OpenAI on the claim of freeloading off its content.

Why should I care?

AI is being integrated into traditional sectors like journalism. AI being included in the process will certainly raise more questions about how is bias being checked, how much we consume that information and what about copyright.

But the approach of all these partnerships (previously OpenAI with AP News and Alex Springer) is to use AI for research and let journalists do their jobs better.

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