Midjourney can outpaint now

PLUS: AI voice library and dubbing tools

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Hey folks, today we have Midjourney, again one-upping Stable Difusion, with their 5.2 version in testing now with zoom-out feature.

Then we have two voice-related updates: Eleven Labs release a library of AI voices and Youtube released an AI tool for dubbing videos.

Let’s get to it.

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The AI community’s resident voice generation experts have made their way back to the headlines this weekend. (That’s ElevenLabs by the way.) They’ve announced Voice Library, a community-driven effort to bring together a repository (although they don’t like that word) of voices saved and uploaded by users. The more involvement, the richer the availability of voices. The underlying generation tool, Voice Design, covers a number of languages that’ll be available in the Library, making it a global effort for discovery and experimentation.


With all the hurrah around Stable Diffusion and the speculation around Stability AI’s CEO stealing the limelight, it’s easy to forget about Midjourney if you’re not an avid image generator! They’ve begun testing a new version (5.2), which apparently has improvements in a whole host of stuff: aesthetics, coherence, text understanding, sharper images, and zoom-out outpainting (which is damn awesome by the way). And if the Twitter comments are anything to go by, the update is going down a treat.


For those of you who prefer watching mouths look all weird and out of sync rather than reading subtitles, this is one for you. YouTube has been teaming up with Google’s in-house AI dubbing team, Aloud, to configure vids with the ability to dub on both new and old videos. With quite long and costly overheads needed to get dubbing done before uploading, this could save a lotta resources for those that need a bit of dubbing on their clips.

🔥 Daily top AI products and news, on our website 🔥
(most popular get included here in the email)

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  • Modelbit: Deploy your ML Models into production from Jupyter with one line of code. No MLOps required.

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