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New Copilot from Microsoft fancies finance.

Finance folks, embrace the future! Microsoft Copilot for Finance is publicly available now. This is part of Microsoft's master plan—they're giving every business team an AI wingman, with Copilot versions already out for sales and support.

What's going on here?

Microsoft Copilot for Finance is out to streamline how finance teams operate, making their jobs a whole lot less tedious.

What does this mean?

Copilot handles the nitty-gritty of audits (pulling and reconciling data), collections (suggesting priority accounts and payment plans), and even flags weird patterns in your data with variance analysis.

Copilot lives right inside Microsoft 365 apps like Excel and Outlook, so no more jumping between systems. Plus, it connects seamlessly to your financial systems (like Dynamics 365 and SAP).

Ask Copilot questions like you would a colleague, and it'll pull the insights you need from your data. Action plans? Follow-up emails? Copilot's got you covered.

Why should I care?

Imagine having the time to focus on what drives the business, not just the day-to-day grind. Deeper insights mean better, faster choices for the whole organization. Even Microsoft’s own finance teams are converts. They've seen faster reconciliations, and streamlined collections—the works.

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